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Never miss an opportunity to make a memory with your kids.

I’m L.A. Ricketson and I started a YouTube Channel (and Podcast) to have an opportunity to pour into other people. I was raised by a single mom in a trailer park. My dad was basically non-existent while I was growing up from 4th grade through college. However, I had some strong men and awesome friends, along with an awesome God, who helped me turn our pretty ok.

best home business I married shortly after college and we had three daughters within our first 5 years of marriage. Basically, my dad taught me exactly what NOT to do.

So, I made a promise to myself I was going to be the best and most attentive dad possible. They are each now married and I have five grandchildren! (Praise God!) My YouTube Channel, if nothing else, will be a cool legacy to leave my grands… but for now, I am serving thousands of young people who don’t have great dads, or a dad at all… Or, if they simply need a mentor who will pour live-changing advice into them and expect NOTHING in return.

Thanks for joining me! I look forward to helping you crush life!

L.A. Ricketson